Heart of Gaia - guided meditation
Opens your heart, tranforms sorrows and fears,
raises your personal and our collective frequency
Heart of Gaya - Shunyata Shabda.png
Total Play-Time: more than 60 MIN

Meditation to raise your frequency and to clear (y)our energetic field from fears and sorrows. Help to support our spiritual ascension.


This is the guided meditation to the song "Avalon - Open Your Heart". This meditation can be very powerful if you follow the images and instructions of the meditation or you just let your mind to this magically music journey. Just enjoy the balancing voice of Philipp Christopher. Come with us on this meditative sound-journey and be surprised about the transformation you will experience. Free yourself from fears and take a bath in pure universal love. Let go of everything what is still preventing your personal ascension.

Album - tracklist

Track 1 Intro-Meditation Grounded & Connected  (4:37 )

Track 2  Guided Meditation                                   (28:00)      

Track 3  Post-meditation                                         (02:51)       

Track 4   Avalon - Love Away Your Fears                (28:00)       


Complete ALBUM                                 10.00 €