Die Sentiuns Cine Collection


... denn auf die Betonung kommt es an.

 The Sentinus Cine Collection contains a broad assortment of musical styles that may be used as background music for different formats of feature films, television programs, documentaries, trailers or image films. They are composed and produced with great care and are ideal for giving your product the right emphasis and a special touch.

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If this is your first visit on our website, please read the following information, first:

​Broadcasts on television or the radio require a GEMA registration for all songs. They can be easily settled with the regular GEMA list.


Certain tracks by Shunyata are also available for limited license without GEMA registration. Please contact us for more information.

Below you will find the download link to a zip file with the complete music collection available by Sentinus Music.


>The songs are listed in categories regarding their use

>A complete list with GEMA information and label-codes is available as a pdf document in the zip-file

>You will find track information within the MP3 metatags as well

>All tracks are available in high quality MP3 (320 bit) format. (Please contact us for different file formats if needed.)


You can download our music for free. Every song is copyright protected. In order to use and broadcast our music on TV and radio, it is necessary to register the tracks at GEMA and GVL with detailed information regarding the use of the music.


Further use and licensing of our music for commercial purposes can be separately negotiated with Sentinus Music (Sentinus GmbH).


Please contact us for more information regarding royalties or other requests:

Sentinus Music
GVL Vertragsnr.: F11794
Labelcode: LC52834

We are an independent label, established by artists and producers. We are grateful for your support and thank you for using our products with responsibility and copyright consideration.


We are very happy to follow any individual musical requests or special audio-productions for your unique product. Let us know:


Enjoy our music!

Please click on the download link for the zip file (including the GEMA list). Further down you will find the songs for individual download with a listening function.


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- more than 130 individual Tracks from different Artists
- best MP3-quality 320kBit

- sorted in clear categories
- PDF- file with all necessary information for GEMA/ ESCAP etc.

- All information also in the MP3-tags of each track

Just unpack the zip-files and merge both editions into one directory,



Sentinus Cine Collection Vol.I


Sentinus Cine Collection 2nd Edition

Tiefe Entspannung und Erholung in nur 20 Minuten

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Die Sentinus Cine-Collection Vol.2 ist bereits in Arbeit und wird ihnen bald zum Download bereit stehen.

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